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Established 2002

At the top of the Rocky Mountains in the Seedheart of America stands Summit Seed Coatings. Founded by industry veterans, we were amongst the first to offer seed coating at scale for farmers over 40 years ago. We specialize in high volume production and custom coatings including organic solutions for small forage legumes, select warm and cool season turf and forage grasses. Our facility is one of the most advanced coating operations in the world. We work closely with universities and accredited independent researchers to continually create peak performing products.
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Our Coatings

Summit has carefully cultivated these coatings for your seeds

Apex Seed CoatingAlfalfa Seed Coating
Apex™ is the culmination of wisdom and creation of perfection from 40 years in the coating business. Used as the base for over 40% of the nation’s alfalfa seed, Apex is a standard in the industry.
Apex Seed CoatingGrass Seed Coating
Pinnacle™ is all the knowledge gained from coating alfalfa applied to grass. Proven to increase germination rates as much as 50%, Pinnacle is becoming a standard in the industry.
Added Value Treatments
HydroLoc Seed TreatmentProtected Germination Zone
HydroLoc keeps water and micronutrients encapsulated around a seed.
QuickStart Seed TreatmentInner Balanced Micronutrients
QuickStart is a unique combination of zinc, manganese, and iron.
Plus Seed TreatmentSuper Absorbent Shell
Plus is applied as the outside layer and nothing attracts water more.
Inoculant Seed Treatment Industry Leading Inoculant
Strains of rhizobia with clay or pete based carrier.
Fungicide Seed TreatmentIndustry Leading Fungicide
Protection against pythium, phytophthora, and more.
Mycorrhizae Seed TreatmentIndustry Leading Mycorrhizae
Pure, resistant and effective symbiotic mycorrhizae.
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Technical Info

We put the effort into having the best knowledge

Academic Research

Summit Seed Coatings have been independently tested by leading Universities in the field. Coating Technologies Advances in Alfalfa Studies on Alfalfa Studies on Grass

Organic Certificates

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) provides indepedently reviewed organic certication. Apex Green Apex Green Hydroloc Pinnacle Green Pinnacle Green Hydroloc

Our Team

Positive people that care about your seeds

Martin Luttrell, General Manager
Martin Luttrell
General Manager
Bill Talley, Owner, Director of Sales & Marketing
Bill Talley
Director of Sales & Marketing
Steven M. Luttrell, Operations Manager
Steven M. Luttrell
Operations Manager
Mike Jess, Plant Manager
Mike Jess
Plant Manager
Richard, Team Member
Ruth, Team Member
Christina, Team Member
Leonard, Team Member
Ines, Team Member
Robert, Team Member
Kevin, Team Member
Abel, Team Member
Peter, Team Member
Victor, Team Member
Manny, Team Member
Robert, Team Member
Harvey, Team Member
Manny, Team Member
Brett, Team Member

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Bill Talley
+1 (270) 625-3345 (USA) [email protected]
Martin Luttrell
+1 (208) 455-8009 (USA) [email protected]
Steven M. Luttrell
+1 (208) 455-7328 (USA) [email protected]
Where to Find Us
P.O. Box E
710 North 11th Avenue
Caldwell, Idaho 83605
United States of America
Free: +1 (866) 818-7327 (USA)
Fax: +1 (208) 455-8040 (USA)

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